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Charity Fundraiser


ABC’s and Rice Charity organization opened a free English and Khmer school for the underprivileged children of, Poom Sala Consign, Veal Villiage and Phsar Krolenh area, 3km from Siem Reap town centre. We also put our 4 full-time teachers and 1 part-time teacher through professional development and life skills courses. The school has grown very rapidly in the last few months, with many goals achieved, and many more goals well in sight.

Recently we suffered some storm damage to two of our buildings requiring them to be re-built, costing $250US, the funds used for the re-building were earmarked for use in construction of solid floors, (instead of dirt).

As you can imagine, we are now trying to raise money to get the children out of the dirt and into more comfortable classrooms. To do this, Tammy and Phearin, (one of ABC’s and Rice’ Khmer teachers), plan on cycling from the school to Thailand and back, a bike ride of around 400km. The event will take place on Saturday the 24th of July. Departing at 4am Saturday, and returning sometime on Sunday the 25th. Support vehicles will be used to provide water, food and breakdown assistance. A great opportunity to advertise your business on the signs that we’ll attach to the motos and bicycles!

Flooring will not only reduce dust, and mud, (in times of rain) but it will also make the classrooms somewhat cooler, with air flowing under the classrooms.

Funds raised will also go to the purchase of shelving to house the few library books and teachers resources that we have.

They will also go to increasing the number of families that we are assisting with our rice program.

Our rice program is a reverse tuition, aimed at encouraging the poorest of children to attend school as opposed to going out and earning enough money to eat. We aim to lessen the burden in the families, by providing some rice and seasonings to families on a monthly basis, we hope that this gives the parents and guardians the opportunity to spend more time on finding suitable, sustainable employment.

We will also use the funds to further our breakfast club program, which provides a simple nourishing breakfast to the many students that are unable to afford the most important meal of the day. Breakfast provides the students with energy to learn and the ability to concentrate on their studies, instead of the rumbling tummies.

For more information please email or call

Ph. Tammy +855 (0)77707514

Ph. Matt +855 (0)15831195


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