ABCs and Rice

Empowering the poor, through education and community support,
to break the cycle of poverty.

“Alone, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

    Ryunosuke Satoro

ABCs and Rice still has a lifetime of work ahead, but we have come a long, long way, and we would not be where we are today without your help.

We owe a debt of gratitude to so many. The dedication of time, kindness, and creativity from every volunteer has been fundamental in creating the beautiful environment that is ABCs and Rice.  The kind generosity of each sponsor or event attendee has allowed us to support, grow and expand the programs at ABCs.  And of course, the friends and families to those of us on the ground floor, who’s emotional support, kind understanding, ideas, and words of wisdom, have truly been the driving force. Words simply cannot express the love and appreciation we feel.

While a list of all those we owe special thanks to simply could not be supported by a small website, there are a few shining stars that we feel deserve an extra special “shout out” for their amazing devotion to ABCs and Rice.

     Bryn Manley – Our oh-so-handsome, resident Art teacher. Bryn, you have altered your life to be a part of the ABCs family, and we couldn’t be happier to have you.  Your love for the children, and man-kind is amazing.  I am humbled by you. Cha Bryn

     Barry – Where has our favorite world traveler gone to now? The green machine gets us as close as anyone could get to being two places at once.

     David Horgan -Your incredible talent, and limitless passion, not only made us better musicians, but better people. You’re an angel in my head…in my head…..

      Diane Renaud - No language could express the beauty, strength, and impact of your love.  Long before there was an ABCs there was a love so strong that one day it would need to be shared with the world.  No child forgotten... We started here.

    Emma Carter -Our ever supportive friend over seas.  We look forward to welcoming you in 2013, and showing you, in person all that your efforts have supported.

     Emma Davies and Hailey Roe– our first EVER volunteers, your love and dedication helped to form the foundation of what we are today LYLAS!

    Globalteer - The magnificent staff and crew at Globalteer have played a huge role in our growth.  From the wise words of advice and kind support, to the newly founded sports program and wonderfully dedicated volunteers, a large part of what we do is possible because of this fabulous organization.

    Ma, Heather Meads – Your love, encouragement, and support has made this labour of love that much easier. XOXOX

    Ida Schage – The prettiest tutor and librarian in the Eastern Hemisphere. Your support and friendship means the world. Love Ya!

    Jack Howard and Chelsea Ripper -The dream team!  Chelsea, you are cultivating future leaders every day!  Your gentle ways and kind enthusiasm are a breath of fresh air. Jackkkkkkkk!  Talented, caring, resourceful.  I admire all you do, working with nature to give back so much to so many!  You are a gifted man, and we can't thank you enough.

    Jeff Maconachie –The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round…  XOXOX Mate.

    Jenny Mae Durand–sister and friend, you are the constant reminder that kites fly higher against the wind, and that failure is NOT an option!

    Jenny Sheward and Gary Spence – Beautiful people, both inside and out.  Your dedication to ABCs since its infancy has been inspiring and unwavering. We love you! Ahkun Girran.

    Jim Elliot – The founder of Globalteer. You are an amazing man, doing amazing things to make the world a better place. Thank you for your confidence, support, and guidance.

    Lori Carlson – You truly are a catalyst for change. You inspire me. Thank you for being exactly who you are.

    Monica Butler -A.K.A Cha Mon; From little things, big things do grow! What started out as a one week volunteer stint, has become... well a new addition to our family.   From your cheery morning disposition, to your crazy crab chases... you are an amazing woman, who has done so much for the children of ABCs. Your dedication is profound, and words simply can't express what you mean to the team. The late night planning meetings are killing us though, let's just get up earlier! LYLAS x

    Mr. Nathan George - Our global consultant, mentor, counselor, and FRIEND. You are a talented man in all that you do.  With such a knack for pulling solutions out of the person facing a problem you manage to make all challenges surmountable.  Your endless care energy and support reminds all of us, here on the ground, that we are part of a much larger team.  We ARE making a difference.  And anything is possible.

    Nick Sprague and Vanessa Weber (team Oosa leaders) – Who knew that so much love and energy could be bundled into such a lovely little package???? Your continuous support is deeply appreciated.

    Pete and Ros Raynes – Your amazing energy and zest for life is contagious; with you….anything is possible! Now full fledged ABC "lifers"  We are so very blessed to have you on the team. Step by step, we will make a difference! <3

    Rachel (Ray Ray)  Woodgate - What was intended to be a short stint turned into many life changes for this multi talented young lady.  Taking on curriculum writing, a teacher mentoring role, and Meerkat have become an essential part of team ABCs.  MUAH!!!!

    Rick Wakeman – You are ABCs’ rock…..You ROCK! From a dream and a small hut, now looking at endless possibilities, YOU were our first believer. x

    Robyn Young– You  had a way of coming in with kindness and leaving smiles behind.  Can’t wait to have you back in Siem Reap.

    Ron and Sue Marsh- Your love, support and faith in ABCs is touching. Your constant encouragement and hard work has made a difference in the lives of so many!

     The Schage  family – It started with the beautiful Ida;  full of wonder, looking for adventure, and hosting a heart of gold. Soon the whole family became involved, giving wings to ABCs. Takk for din støtte

     Scott and Chris Coates – Heroes, we are just so blessed to have met you both, and honoured to call you friends.

    Stephen Halloway – It was the Ganesh! In a simple but kind gesture you were the spark.

     Tania Palmer (Green Geko)- A personal hero and mentor. By sharing your love, enthusiasm, and knowledge you have prepared us for so many challenges.  Encouraging us to strive to reach potential, you are an inspiration to all, and a true angel on earth.

      Tom Orr- WELCOME HOME!!!! We are so blessed to have you on the team. Teacher, techy, and all around fabuous man... We LOVE you!

    Trixie O’Sullivan –Our barrel of laughs when things get tough. You’re a crazy lil gift from heaven


To these, and everyone else that has offered their love and support along the way, we would like to express our most heart felt grattitude.


The children, staff, and founders of 

 ABCs and Rice

 Many socially conscious companies have shown their support as well; through promoting awareness, hosting fundraisers, or offering goods donations. We wish to thank and commend you for your continuous support.

85 Young St.                                                                                                   Capreol, ON


Sudbury Star                                                                                              Sudbury , ON


Reg Wilkinson                                                                                       Sudbury, ON 

(705) 675-6710

Ace Hardware
Capreol, ON 


Beautiful Balance
Capreol, ON


ASM                                                                                                      Sturgeon Falls / North Bay, ON 

705-753-5595 / 705-840-5595

Fresh at Chili Si Dang                                                                                   East River Rd Siem Reap 

+855(0)730647                                                                                              Facebook: Fresh Siem Reap

Rosy Guesthouse                                                     

+855 (0)17814011

 Phnom Penh Post 

 The Warehouse                                            

 Trailblazer Foundation

 Molly Mallones                               

Aqua                                                                                                        Facebook: Aqua Siem Reap

Ecstatic Pizza



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