ABCs and Rice

Empowering the poor, through education and community support,
to break the cycle of poverty.

How to Help

In Siem Reap

ABCs and Rice school, and the Full Belly farm accept and rely heavily on volunteers from around the globe.

Planning a trip? Looking for ways to give back?

Volunteering with ABCs offers a chance to utilize your talents and passion, learn new skills, build friendships and memories to last a lifetime and create change in the lives of those less fortunate. 

For more information on how to volunteer with us please;

contact ABCs directly

 or contact Globalteer, a volunteer placement organization that we are proud to be working with.


World Wide

You can easily help from home! Passionate ABCs representatives in all areas of the world are welcomed and needed.

 * Please; like us on facebook and share your passion and  ABC experience with friends and family.

 * Help us to "Be the Change" through speaking out, or hosting an event in your community. The team at ABCs and Rice appreciates all of your efforts and can help you with ideas and motivation as you become an ambassador for change.

* Sponsor a program 

* Make a donation


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