ABCs and Rice

Empowering the poor, through education and community support,
to break the cycle of poverty.

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ABCs and Rice would like to invite you to join our new website, where you can share your stories, add pictures, or simply stay up to date on the current progress of ABCs. As always, we thank you for your continued support.

Much Love,

The staff and Children at ABCs and Rice


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Lara Carrington
25 years old

Lea Sommer
33 years old
About Me

I am living in Denmark and just about to start my education in Psychology.

I have been volunteering at ABC´s & Rice for about 5 weeks in the spring 2011. My time there were absolutely amazing and it made a big impression on me to work with such wonderful volunteers, teachers and - of course - the children.

I have big respect for ABC´s & Rice and everything they are doing. My hope is some day to come back to support and help ABC´s. They are doing a big difference and it will be an honour for me to be apart of that.

Lisa K

Little Pete Family
34 years old

About Me

I am aunt to Jennifer Durrant, Tammy's sister-in-law.  Heard about ABC and Rice through my daughter April Timony.  It is a good thing that Tammy and other volunteers are doing to help these children and their families.  My brother married a woman from Cambodia he is still trying to get her papers to bring her to Canada.  She has a daughter who was very fortunate to have won a scolarship in the UK.  She was one of three students out of 500 to win a four year scholarship.  Sina will be in the UK for two years, not sure yet where the other two will be.  Sina is studing to eventually become a nurse and we are praying she will succeed.  She misses home very much at this time. She had never been away from home before.  It is through my brother I know more about Siem Riep and the village his wife is from.  I know it is a poor country and alot of needy families.  Tammy I know you make your family proud for the work you do there.  May God bless you in the coming New Year.

Take good care,  Lorraine

PS ; my brother Charlie is travelling at the end of January to visit his wife for two months.  Maybe he could visit with her perhaps.  Not sure all his plans but I will see about how he can reach you when he is out  there.

Mariamne A. Gurney
About Me

Hello fellow and former ABC's and Rice Volunteers, Children, Teachers and Village people... oh how I miss you all and can not stop of thinking about the day I return!  Soon enough I believe in my dream just as I believe in the dream of ABC's and Rice. Lots of love ALWAYS


(2nd year Masters student in Creative Art Therapy at Pratt Insitute, Brooklyn NY)

About Me

60 years old
About Me

I am a primary school teacher from Melbourne, Australia.

32 years old
About Me

Monica Butler


36 years old
About Me

Hiiiiiiiii, i'm nealek :) no stress no fight just be fun and happiness that what we can do do....

Nick S

Paul Franks
About Me

61 years old


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