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Knitting Craze Sweeps ABCs

Posted by Tammy D on October 30, 2012 at 5:50 AM

Thanks to our gorgeous volunteer Jay Francis, a new craze that could become bigger than Angry Birds, is sweeping ABCs and Rice – knitting!

Using improvised knitting needles from sharpened chopsticks Jay introduced basic skills to her class. Word soon got around and it has now gone ‘viral’ with all but our youngest kids now knitting feverishly, and it’s not just the girls. It’s become not just a favourite for the crafts classes, but they can be seen knitting now during breaks. It has the added advantage of silence that comes with their concentration.

Jay is here until 8th November but as our ‘crafty’ teacher Theavy has really picked it up, it looks like knitting could become a standard vocational skill at the school. This is a perfect example of the sometimes-surprising result of a volunteer trying something out for the first time, and turning it into a successful and enjoyable hobby for the children.

Well-done Jay.

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