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Everything Wet!

Posted by Tammy D on July 31, 2012 at 1:10 AM

Allthings wet season


Wet season is approaching rapidly, as the rain started to fall, the dastardly Mosquitoes started to swarm.

With these mosquitoes comes disease, notably this year, a new outbreak of Chikungunya often mistaken for it's more deadly counterpart Dengue has pushed the local children's hospitals to well over capacity.

By over capacity we are talking of marquee wards where every stitch of furniture available is used for beds of the most severely ill. The children presenting with an almost stable pulse are turned away, parents will remainlining up outside emergency, just to be closer to the doctor that might be able to save a life. Others turn away in dread knowing that there's a high chance of mortality. 

It is understood in Cambodia that Dengue and Chikungunya, while untreatable and mostly non-life threatening in the west, carries a high mortality rate here, simply through malnutrition, poor hygiene and subsequent low immune systems.

How you say? 

A person afflicted with a mosquito borne virus will, in Cambodia, often develop an unrelated, but secondary infection(s). These infections can and will develop at an amazing rate, as ABC's and  Rice was severely reminded of early last week, where a child of 12 was taken to the Angkor Children’s Hospital, suffering mild malaise late morning, despite all their efforts, to passing away, in ICU mid-afternoon   Awaiting test results.

On top of the mosquito borne virus' Cambodia is experiencing heavy outbreaks of Typhoid Fever and EV71.

ABC's & Rice is experiencing very low attendance right now as a direct result of hospitalizations; the majority of these are receiving free care from the children's hospitals. However, many have been turned away due to space issues and some of the students are now too old for free treatment (15+), of course that means a private clinic and large amounts of money, average treatment is costing $180USD. Obviously, these expenses are heavily eating into the budget.

Imagine,just 3 trips to the clinic costs the same as feeding the entire school for 6 weeks!!!



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