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Prizes, Fishies, and SUSTAINABILITY

Posted by Tammy D on October 24, 2011 at 1:50 AM

ABCs is so excited, and wishes to thank everyone for their support (and votes).

Tammy was selected as the third place winner in this year's "I Can Achieve" contest, and as a result, a very generous prize of $5000 Canadian is being put towards the ABCs and Rice food project in Siem Reap.

Some of the prize money will be allocated to disaster relief, as Cambodia has been hit hard by the floods. Many families having lost their homes, and most having lost their crops.   ABCs has been working with the Commune Chief to identify villages and families most in need, as our immediate villages have not been hit as hard. Many volunteers have come out to help with food and clean water deliveries. Thank you Globalteer for all the extra help!

The remainder of the prize money will be used to help fund our farming project. We have leased an adjacent plot of land and have been very excited to seen the plans developing. Our dear friend Nate has dedicated many hours of research and creative energy to this project; and with a lot of love and hard work we will make this currently empty lot into an amazing, self sustaining food production project.

There will be four tilapia fish ponds, each staggered to ensure that there is year round food for the children of ABCs, and income for the project. A very intensive chicken farm, primarily for egg production and a "Veggie Mansion", three layers of crops, all high in vitamins and nutrients.

The goal of this project is to produce all that we need to support our various food programs, and then to sell the remainder to the local markets, with the profits feeding the educational costs of ABCs and Rice. The plans are AMAZING, from flowers that act as a natural insecticide, and butterflies for pollination, to composting of animal waste and the breeding of maggots (YUCK). It will offer jobs to the impoverished, and education to all in the area who are interested in Horticulture, Agriculture, and Aquaculture.

We have volunteer professionals lined up and thanks to some of our fabulous donors and the winnings from Canesten's "I Can Achieve" we are ready to put the plans in motion :) If only this flooding would cease!!!

Looking forward with high expectations, and sending loads of love to you all,


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