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Posted by Tammy D on July 28, 2011 at 12:12 PM

With the expansion of the school grounds, we found ourselves with a dividing wall in the way, having already built the new walls and gate we were ready to knock down the one in the way…well, we decided to have a Siem Reap strong person competion, and what a fun day that was, we managed to raise about $300 and a whole pile of smiles and rubble! 7 teams entered, for safety we had them knock down each section on a time trial base, racing against one other team at a time…WOW were they fast! There was a lot of conjecture at the start of the event about how long it would take to drop each section…no-one was even close, the average time was about 12 minutes of demolition and removal…so fast…!

In April we had an open day by invitation for prospective new students, organised with great assistance from the village chief, Hunly now has her hands full with a plethora of shining new faces in the monkey room.

Soky had her first born in early May, it was very exciting to have the first ABC’s and Rice baby! Soky has comfortably settled into motherhood and is eagerly anticipating her return from maternity leave next month…she wants all of her ABC babies back 

Construction and wiring (Pete and Ros) was completed in mid June…why so long you ask?

Well we no longer have bamboo huts! We are now sporting 5 new demountable classrooms and one enormous Art/General Purpose Room.

The Office/Library/Residence Building, which we took over in February was renovated by Pete and Ros and their trusty sidekick Tom, amazing construction and electrical work. We don’t know how we survived without the office and library for so long! We’ll see you guys really soon for the next round 

You can imagine with 7months of construction work we’re very, very, very happy to enjoy using the new facilities, the students are overjoyed with their new learning spaces, it really is amazing how much easier they’re finding it to learn in a bright comfortable environment.

That’s all the fun and games! We’ve also been working on the expansion of our programs…now this is the really big news! Planned for the start of the school year in October we were to enroll 30 students into Wat Bo Primary school, well that plan didn’t work so well…They started last week!!!!!! Through our friend Lori, we managed to begin a fantastic relationship with the Principal of Wat Bo P.S. where we can enroll our into what is considered one of the best Primary schools in country. Not only that, once they graduate they are able to attend Angkor Lycee High School! We are overwhelmed with delight at being able to provide our students with the opportunity to receive a full problem free education.

Wat Bo P.S. is now testing our students over the next 3 months to ensure they are in the right grade and ready to begin at the start of the school year.

Of course with such a dramatic increase in the ‘Back to School’ program, we have also seen a doubling of ‘Breakfast Club’, which now has 50 members. We hired a very caring mother to live in and cook breakfast for the kids, her first few weeks were fairly simple, but now she is doing 2 sittings, one for the crew getting on the truck to school at 6am and the second at 7:30am for the ones that are studying at the regular time at ABC’s and Rice school. Bong Na is doing an outstanding job of keeping the kids well fed.

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Reply Pete Raynes
7:22 AM on August 2, 2011 
We just love the new web site!!! It is great to see the new facilities are proving such a boon & with the children able to access the Govt. schools system it makes ABC's very special! Ten points TAMMY!!!!!!!!
With everything thats happening, we feel a real sense of belonging.
It is good to see new members (welcome Teacher 'MARK') & I have been reminded I need to join also. We indeed have been fortunate to have volunteered with ABC,s & will forever be indebted to Trixie (of Globalteers) who placed us there!
We look forward to 'the next round' as Tammy described, come mid October.
Pete & Ros.
Reply diane renaud
1:59 PM on August 7, 2011 
/fantastic, love the new site. Love you! and what you are doing, Could not be a (prouder) mother , all my best to you Tammy!!!
Reply Colleen
9:21 AM on January 30, 2012 
This is so exciting, I am so pleased for you all. What a fantastic "Back to school" programme. I hope to be a part of it all in 2012.