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Mid 2010...Finding Our Feet, and Seeing all the Potential (a few bumps along the way)

Posted by Tammy D on September 17, 2010 at 7:28 AM

Storm Damage at ABC's and Rice

Posted by Tammy Durand on Monday, June 7, 2010

Well, if you had ever considered making a donation to ABC’s and Rice, today may be your chance to make a difference! It’s bee a tough week for Matt, Vanna, and myself. Tuesday’s storm violently tore the brand new roof off of our two junior classrooms (one structure with a dividing wall). ... Luckily no one was hurt but the integrity of the building was compromised and has left more than 80 students without a classroom to attend. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful network of friends around us who are helping us to rebuild. Special thanks to JOSH at the FUNKY MUNKY!!!!!!!! Who dropped everything to help us recruit a team and get to work.

Much of the old material is reusable, but the rebuilding cost is looking to be about $200 US. This is quite the hit to ABC’s and Rice and will be taken out of the flooring budget. We are optimistic that classes will be reopened on Tuesday of next week but with the rainy season fully upon us now, the floors are a top priority.

We have been raking our brains for fundraising ideas (above the usual trivia nights) I promise to keep you posted on any plans made, and in the meantime; anyone wishing to donate from Canada can simply make a cheque out to ABC’s and Rice, and deposit at the Nickel City Credit Union in Capreol for my local supporters or to TD Canada Trust Bank Account #6405236... Branch 3716. If a swift number is required please send a request via email as these out of country donations are handled differently.

Alone we are a drop….Together we are an ocean!

In a nut shell

Posted by Tammy Durand on Friday, September 10, 2010

Well...yet again we have been flat out since the last post, and as is usual many, many things have been achieved since.

First and foremost, our damaged classrooms were rebuilt with great speed at cost of $300, slightly more than we’d anticipated, but we do have stronger structures that have withstood many a storm since!

ABC Go, part two, the bicycle ride to Thailand and back, to fund the rebuilding was a fantastic success! Tammy and teacher Phearin made it from Siem Reap to Thailand in 11hours and 30mins and a distance of some 180km, with a sizeable headwind! It was a hard but interesting first day with two very tired cyclists, who managed to find enormous humour in a dubious menu at the restaurant that we met Phearin’s sister at! The ride back was much faster, coming in at 10hours and 20 mins, (a rather helpful tail wind, for the return journey!). On arrival home we met with a reporter from the Phnom Penh post who wrote a very nice article on ABC’s & Rice and the mega bicycle ride.

The ride was made much easier through a generous loan of decent bicycles from Intrepid Travel and with the highly entertaining and helpful Mr Sarrom of Ecstatic Pizza, who kindly offered to help Matt as road side assistant and translator. He was especially helpful with the negotiations for the purchase of pigs along the way, (more on that saga later J). Other generous sponsors for the trip were; Rosy Guest House, X-Bar, Fresh at Chilli Si-Dang, Sydney Aqua Pool and Bar, not to mention all our expat friends with their generous support, particularly Ida and of course, Annie, who cooked us an amazing veggie lasagne for our return dinner, cheers Annie! All in all we raised about $1000US! Next year we plan on making the bicycle ride bigger and better, so watch this space!

I suppose you’re wondering about the pigs? Well the X-Bar’s Porkula 1, 3rd annual charity pig race was held on the 14th of August, as they were planning on hiring pigs for the event, we at ABC’s & Rice put up our hands to purchase the pigs and then place them into the community to begin small, sustainable pig farms using worthy and capable families. The race itself was a great success, raising over $850 for various charities, (please contact us if you want a full list of beneficiaries), over half of which went to ABC’s & Rice to begin the pig program. We are now near experts on pig farming theory and the practicalities of it! We hope to expand this program as the first litters come in. The pigs themselves were very difficult to source at the right price, we did manage it though, and so we now have a few families breeding pigs! We will continue to monitor their progress and hopefully, with all the processes that we’ve put in place, this project will generate sustainable income within the communities.

Those two events took a lot of planning, organising, and running around to get them off the ground and running smoothly, but the results are speaking for themselves. In the meantime we have also come to an agreement with Globalteer charity, who are helping us with volunteers and have set us up with Virgin Just Giving under the Globalteer umbrella, enabling us to more easily access donations, please visit .

Not to mention we have just negotiated a very generous five year lease plan on the current school site, as well as, the site next door. This will enable us to speed up our registration process and allow us to expand the facility without having to worry about having to move it, what a relief that is!!!!

August saw a large group of volunteers coming from Korea who donated a very generously in the form of, the start up costs for breakfast club (including a few months of breakfast for 20 of the most needy students)...Hooray Breakfast Club is here at last!!!!! J, new bicycles for the children who are without, a new fence and gate (increasing security), internet installation and 2mnths of service charge at the volunteer house, mechanical transport with a GPS unit (very helpful for collection census data, and so we don’t get lost when we are checking on the pigs or a family in need), and a generous sum for admin needs. A big thankyou to our Korean friends for their hard work fundraising and their time with us. Without people like you raising awareness and being proactive, we can’t hope to achieve the goals we have set. Thank-You!

As we continue to make these milestones we will continue to keep you updated! Thanks to all our supporters and our fantastic students and teachers,

Talk to you all soon,

ABC’s & Rice J “Being the change”

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