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January 2012 Newsletter

Posted by Tammy D on January 30, 2012 at 9:45 AM

ABCs and Rice School



Newsletter 1, Jan 2012

The Team at ABCs and Rice is excited to bring your our first newsletter. This first issue contains news of our Full Belly Farm development as well as a report of our Christmas party held on Boxing Day and the first results in the Globalteer Soccer League. This month, the children are learning all about dinosaurs and next month they will learn about space. Current funding priorities are: the toilet block and kitchen building furnishment, a fence to enclose the farm area, and fish for the fish farm. Current fundraising initiatives include: Barrangs on Bikes! A bike ride to Poipet on the Thailand border, on Feb 18 (over 300kms there and back). To donate, please go to




Full Belly Farm = food

Sustainability is the future for ABCs. We hope to grow enough vegetables, raise enough chickens and farm enough fish to not only provide a full breakfast club for all students, but to sell enough surplus to generate a regular income. Of couse, we will be doing this in the most eco-friendly ways possible.



Watch this Space!

Central to the farm area will be a new building fitted out internally with toilets, storerooms and a kitchen with pantry. It will be situated just behind the fish ponds you can see in this photo. There will be enough space on the school side for a playroom and a deck on two sides of the building. On the farm side the structure will have an additional storage room.



From Shack to Residence

A run down building in the corner of the site was dismantled and replaced with a newly built unit. Our thanks go to Pete, Ros, Tom, Ron and Sue for all their hard work.

All the materials removed were recycled or re-used where possible within the village. This will house the cook/caretaker and her family and will provide added security to the farm site.




Christmas at ABCs

Being a Buddhist country, Christmas is not an official holiday in Cambodia but ABCs and Rice held a party on Boxing day at the school. There are more photos on our Facebook Group and on The bouncy castle courtesy of Board Member, Tom Orr, was a huge hit with the children, their friends and families.


Globalteer Soccer

ABCs and Rice junior teams got off to a flying start with 3 wins and 1 draw in their first 4 games on Sunday 8th January. The seniors on Sunday 15th weren't quite as successful, but showed great tenacity and determination. Well done to all the players and Coach Phearin.

Give me an A! Give me a B!

Give me a C! Go ABCs!!!





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