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Empowering the poor, through education and community support,
to break the cycle of poverty.


September / October 2009, And There was No Turning Back!

Posted by Tammy D on October 30, 2009 at 7:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Foodland, Capreol

Posted by Tammy Durand on Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thanks so much to Joanne and Steve at Capreol's Foodland!

We had a great turn out, raising funds and awareness for the ABC & Rice campaign. the community support has been overwhelming.

Special thanks to Teri-lynn for keeping me company, you really are a wonderful help :)


ABC's and Rice made front page of the Star!

Posted by Tammy Durand on Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A few mis-quotes least we are getting noticed!

check it out


Crank it Up and ABC Go, the Re-cap

Posted by Tammy Durand on Sunday, October 11, 2009

What a busy week!!

Where to start? Saturday, Oct 3rd-Crank it up in Cape-town

All the planning is over and what a success the night was… The band was phenomenal, the turn out of friends and family…heart warming.

Lots of dancing, partying, and an amazing response to the fund raising efforts of ABC’s and Rice.

Thanks to all who attended, helped, and donated!


Sunday was a crazy day of cleaning and packing for ABC Go; two of my favorite ladies and myself all going nuts as we realized that there was a lot of planning not yet tended to (hee hee).


On Monday morning (oh-so early) we met with friends at Tutti frutti for a fabulous breakfast! Ange and Matt showed up for some laughs and words of encouragement, Tom; owner of Tutti Frutti posed for some pics, and sent us off with a very generous donation. We hit sturgeon Falls 5 hours and $300 later. What a great start! We thought of carrying on but couldn’t leave when we realized that there was an elaborate dinner planned and a whole welcoming committee. So great to talk with family about plans for assisting SOID, sharing stories and pictures.


We got an early start on Tuesday, Hit North Bay first thing in the morning and Barry of “Cheap Skates” gave the Red Rocket a once over, and sent me off with a spare tube (just incase). The three girls killed a bit of time walking through town and finally picked up the \red \rocket with a clean bill of health. The lovely folks at Boston Pizza treated us to lunch, and Courtney of CTV took some pics. I have yet to see what made the news that night but Courtney promised to use the “skinny lens” LOL.

Got lost for a few hours in the back roads of Chisolm township that night (in the rain); but we eventually made it to the Algonquin Motel on Hwy 11.

Jennifer ran in to give the sob story, but before she could even start the pitch Tim was handing over a key and offering dinner. Martha and Tim (owners of this quaint motel) are quite possibly the coolest/kindest people we have ever met. Together with their 5 rescued pooches, they run this cool little motel and bead shop. We HIGHLY recommend a stop there next time you travel down 17.


On top of all their kindness Tim and Martha sent me off Wednesday morning with a generous donation and we were Huntsville bound! Wednesday was going quite smoothly, the van pulled ahead and I passed the sign that said Huntsville 15km …whoot hoot…..POP! A flat! Ouch!!! It was a LONGGGGGGG walk in to town but Fred of Muskoka Cycle fixed us up and the folks at Metro offered us a $25 grocery gift certificate. We took our dinner back to the Hotel (Comfort Inn, J Thanks Steve!) and relaxed for the evening. POOPED!


Thursday was BRUTAL!!!!!!!!

13 hour straight of back roads and HILLS. Lots and lots of HILLS ugghhhh. Luckily I had Jen, not only did she hop on her own bike and cruise with me at times but as the day grew longer she walked many of the tough hills with me or stood at the top cheering me on as I slowly biked them... Jen Rocks!

Anyways we made it to Barrie where we met Monica, the lovely lady who offered us a room at Travelodge. As it turned out that mattress in the back of the van served as nothing more than something to take up space YAY! I don’t think any of us were looking forward to three ladies cuddling in the cold on a single mattress.


Barrie to East York was a breeze! Six hours, primarily down hill. We had a great night with Matt and Ranjit, LOVE YOU Ronny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In total ABC and Rice has now passed the $4000 mark! We officially have enough for 6months worth of rice, and a cow. I hope to raise more yet, a second cow, and some much needed repairs as Veal Village is currently flooded. So I am not sure what we will be doing next but there will be lots going on for the next 6 or 7 weeks. Wish us luck!